Dropz Slot Demo Review: Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

Dropz Slot Demo Review: Play, Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

Casino players have been hankering after sweet treats with the same diabetes-inducing theme since Candy Crush was introduced in 2012. Elk Studios has made the decision to join the party and produce a game brimming with tasty features and entertaining gaming alternatives with the Dropz slot demo.

The game has an uninteresting title, yet it is filled with intriguing surprises and appealing aesthetics. But can it withstand the stern opposition from Sweet Bonanza from Pragmatic Play? Let’s look at it!

Theme And Graphics

Dropz Slot Demo

Other than the fact that there is some dropping involved, the name of the Dropz online slot doesn’t actually reveal anything about the game. The game would surely benefit from a more inventive name because a dull term conceals a lively and eye-catching universe of goodies.

Dropz is situated in a fantasy world filled with various sweets, similar to many other candy-themed games. The rivers flow with caramel sauce, while the mountains are built of cinnamon rolls. Instead of trees, popsicles and lollipops are sprouting, and pancakes are forming intricate landscapes like the terraces in the Mediterranean nations. Although a little more electronic in style than we are used to from these games, the soundtrack is energetic.

Dropz Slot RTP And Variance

Source from CB.net sites, Dropz’s RTP of 94% places it much lower than the RTP of the majority of other online slots. Its RTP hasn’t been able to reach 96%, so it could be difficult to play this game. Expect a nicely balanced game with a few extra competitive spins here and there due to the medium to high volatility. The maximum payout is 25,000 times your initial wager. Quite kind of you!

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How To Play

You must master the Dropz slot in order to see some winnings drop! It’s not complicated, but repeating it doesn’t harm either!

  • The Spin button, which is the largest on the game board, must be clicked to begin.
  • You can set the stake using the coin icon to fit your preferences and your financial situation.
  • Access to paylines, game rules, and settings are available through the menu icon.
  • You can try out auto-spins by pressing the auto button.

How To Win

The playing board for Dropz by NetEnt is extremely fascinating. You’ll receive 6 reels with variable numbers of rows. There are between 6 and 8 rows. There will, however, always be some wholly pointless locations blocked by chocolate, regardless of how many rows you see. The Avalanche removes chocolate, but keep in mind that just three symbols on each reel are active at first and can result in winnings.

The pink 7 is the game’s most lucrative symbol. You may win up to 50 times your stake for six appearances. Candy is bad for your teeth, but it’s also bad for your balance. No matter what color they are, these colorful rascals only pay out up to 0.25 times the wage. And for bigger wins you can add to your slot playing experience like playing immortal romance slot.

Free Spins And Bonuses

Dropz will drop a ton of fun bonus features in front of you as soon as you start playing. Play the Free Dropz bonus game and activate special symbols, among other things.

Free Drops Bonus Game

Free spins may not be included in this feature, but it serves as a suitable substitute. You must land three bonus symbols in order to start Free Drops (letter B). You will receive 5 free reDropz after you succeed in doing so. This game is played on a grid of 8 rows, 5 chocolate rows, and 3 open rows.

You won’t need to experiment with additional chocolate layers throughout the round, but the chocolate places might obtain new features.

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Dropz Special Symbols

You can locate a few truly unique symbols in the game. Though some are more frequent than others, they all contribute to raising the gameplay’s bar:

  • The game’s wild symbol can be used in place of any paying sign.
  • Level Up: By clicking the arrow, you can access the level with more rows.
  • Dropz: A number awards 1–2 more drops
  • The wild symbol known as “Locked Wilds” lasts for three wins.

Dropz Review – Our Verdict

The video game Dropz by Elk Studios is not the most innovative one available. Even though the music composers tried to do something unique with the sugar melody, it still doesn’t quite work because the graphics are something we’ve all seen before.

Dropz is a sweet and spicy game, however it’s missing some originality and eye-catching components. You won’t be wowed by this game when you see it in the gaming gallery, without a doubt. In actuality, the name says almost nothing about the game because it is so generic.