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Title | Just for Blogger : Tips and tricks blogging on blogspot

This blog contains various things about blogging tips and tricks on blogspot which includes Blogspot Tutorials, SEO Tips, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and guides to create blogs for beginners and advanced.

Currently starting to write more about blog development, blog design, SEO optimization and information about how to blog on blogspot. As well as ways to modify widgets and various attributes, content, features to improve a blog.

And done simultaneously between learning and sharing what is already known.

Indeed, the blogging system on blogspot has many practical ways and instructions. And can be obtained easily in many blogs scattered in cyberspace, as well as guide books (tutorials) which are widely sold in general. But I feel it is important to build this blog.

The point is, apart from sharing what I know, it also motivates me to keep learning.

Apart from that, this blog is dedicated to the people I love. Where one day, I hope to monetize it to generate dollars and rupiah that will be enjoyed by the people I love.

There have been many successful examples and role models. And this makes me think why can’t I???? In fact, when I typed this article, I myself was still relatively new and was still in the beginner blogger stage.

In real life, I am a journalist and at the same time an entrepreneur working in the world of construction services (contractors). I work on several government projects, both in building construction to road construction.

But I feel confident, one day I will enjoy life from the online world. Enjoy the hobby as a writer and produce various things from that world. This blog was created, inspired by Agus Ramadhani (OOM), an Indonesian blogger who in my opinion is quite successful.

He said; Just blogging has changed his life a lot from financial problems. Monetizing blogs for him is not a must because he feels blogs are a place to pour ideas and thoughts, not just because of money

And honestly, I feel that way too. Blogging is a hobby with its own pleasures. Maybe when it comes to money, I can get it in many places in other ways. But I feel cool and enjoyable when I am in the world of blogging.

So why do I think this blog is important to build? Because this will obviously be useful for many people. The people I love and special for me personally.

If many people feel good, when traveling at 140 kilometers per hour on the highway in their newest sports car, then I feel more comfortable and have a reason to live longer when behind an LCD screen with the best keyboard, sensitive mouse, best PC specs, and a quality sound system accompanied by high-pitched twists and turns created by tone professor Antonio Vivaldi. Plus a small distraction between the tears and laughter of my beloved daughters | Aura Rico Putri & Dinda Rico Putri |