Chugger’s Pot Slot Demo Machine Review: Theme and All Explanations

Chugger’s Pot Slot Demo Machine Review: Theme and All Explanations

Leprechaun inspires luck and fortune. It is present on the Chugger’s Pot slot machine from PlayPearls. The character with his pot of gold shares his treasure with you on the 5 reels as well as on the 25 paylines. The Wild, the free spins and the bonus game allow you to create more opportunities to win.

Theme in The Game 

Chugger’s Pot slot brings the theme of luck to the fore. This PlayPearls slot machine, released in June 2018, is played with 5 reels and 3 rows, with 25 paylines. However, the contribution of Leprechaun, clover leaves or even the horseshoe are not enough to win maximum winnings. Features play an important role. During the spins, the free spins, the Wild as well as the bonus game multiply the possibilities of winning.

Chuggers Pot is a slot machine that deals with luck in a fun atmosphere, in the company of this green leprechaun who inspires many casino game publishers. A rainbow and coins remind you that you are on a quest for fortune. In addition, the colors bring a more cheerful tone to this title. Leprechaun as well as 4-leaf clovers in gold are present in the decor so that the machine is immersive. No matter where your eyes fall, the details constantly remind you of the theme.

Symbol Game 

The grid is matched with the tone. The borders are gold in color. On the reels you find all the lucky symbols: green and gold 4-leaf clover, mushrooms, a rainbow, a horseshoe, a harp, a ring, a green hat and a pipe. The green diamond as well as the pot full of coins and Leprechaun are special symbols. The rule is simple to win: 3, 4 or 5 identical symbols must be on a payline.


At the end of the rainbow, you have an exceptional pot of gold that you absolutely must discover during the bonus game. If you see 3 or more on the reels, then you enter the bonus game. A dozen are then displayed on the screen. Your role is to click on the pots and have matching symbols to pocket extra wins, besides those you have on the base spins. This is not the only way to increase your balance.

Free Spins 

To generate more winning combinations, you also have the free spins. In order to benefit from it, 3, 4 or 5 green diamonds must appear on the reels. Location doesn’t matter. The machine then offers you 15, 30 or 60 free spins. Finally, with the Leprechaun as Wild, you have a better chance of building up more paylines. If you miss a symbol in your combination, the Wild replaces it if it is part of it.

Chugger's Pot Slot


Luck is of course always present on a virtual slot machine such as Aw8indo slot site, because the lines are generated randomly. Irish leprechaun, pot of coins, 4 leaf clover, horseshoe, and luck are everywhere. New players can rejoice because this game has a simple mechanism, both in terms of basic operation and functionality. It’s up to you to choose your bet, it allows an amount included between 2.5 to 50 €. Unfortunately, its RTP is only 90%.

Chugger’s Pot is a slot machine that explores luck in a lighthearted setting with the help of this green leprechaun that serves as an inspiration to many casino game developers. You are reminded that you are on a search for fortune by a rainbow and coins. Additionally, the colors give this title a happier tone. The decor includes leprechauns and gold 4-leaf clovers to make the machine immersive. No matter where your gaze rests, the details keep bringing the theme to mind.

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