<strong>CoinPoker Currency for Player Possibly Holds Biggest Online Stash</strong>

CoinPoker Currency for Player Possibly Holds Biggest Online Stash

CoinPoker currency – Crypto poker’s attractiveness isn’t entirely new. Americas Cardroom was reporting a large flow of Bitcoin moving in and out of the website as early as 2020. $160 million in Bitcoin is traded every month. New blockchain card rooms have popped up in recent years.

The Possibility of CoinPoker Currency 

CoinPoker currency, for example, employs Tether (USDT) as its primary currency. The stablecoin has enticed a sizable number of people to join the cardroom and call it home, or at least one of the options available.

Now, the website appears to have attracted a player by the name of Benjamin Travesty, who was photographed with a $2.46 million stack during a recent cash game. The amount of the pot is notable since it could be the largest in online poker history.

Because the stablecoin is tied to the value of the US dollar, the USDT converts to the precise actual money value. Various poker personalities soon spread the word, including Patrick Leonard, who questioned whether it was one of the largest pots ever gathered on an online poker platform.

Given that most poker players would like to cash out their winnings, especially if it includes the extra convenience of blockchain payments, the issue seems reasonable.

Crypto Poker, Lockdowns, and Social Distancing

CoinPoker currency

The prospect of entrusting millions of dollars of your bankroll to an online poker site can be intimidating. Sure, winning millions via a platform is simple. After all, the platform is required to pay you, but reports of dishonest operators have made some poker players wary.

The addition of crypto and blockchain to the space appears to have brought a new level of transparency to the space, allowing players like Benjamin Travesty (probably not his real name) to benefit from this new emerging scene for high stakes players who want to compete while maintaining some anonymity.

The pandemic and subsequent cancellation of live events, as well as travel restrictions and the ever-present threat of a highly contagious and dangerous virus, have made many gamers appreciate the simple pleasure of playing away from their home’s screen.

CoinPoker is currently more of a niche site than a mainstream cardroom where the world’s high-stakes players congregate. 

At the time of publishing, PokerScout, a data analytics and affiliate website focused on the poker business, has recorded a 24-hour peak of 168 players. CoinPoker was founded in 2017 and has had five years to establish itself.

Due to its relationship with the Winning Poker Network, America’s Cardroom remains the more popular option of the two. Regardless of player count, CoinPoker appears to have a following among crypto-obsessed high-stakes players.

About CoinPoker

CoinPoker is a new blockchain technology-based platform that uses USDT stablecoin as the main ingame currency and CHP as bonus fuel, bringing all the benefits of the crypto world alongside. It was developed by an ambitious team of poker enthusiasts.

Our players enjoy instant and safe transactions utilizing USDT, ETH, BTC, or CHP tokens, as well as no KYC checks, as well as massive weekly promotions giving away thousands in cash worth.

In the end, the CoinPoker currency is CHP. It gives gamers exclusive privileges and helps to fund future advancements for our community. However, you can also play poker with real money at superitc slot.

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