Snakes and Ladders Megadice Review: RTP and Volatility (Pragmatic Play)

Snakes and Ladders Megadice Review: RTP and Volatility (Pragmatic Play)

In this our Snakes and Ladders Megadice review, you will find out how to play the slot. Snakes and Ladders is a popular board game that originated in India and was first introduced to Europe in the nineteenth century under the name Moksha Patam. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, it involves players rolling dice to move their pieces around a numbered board in the hopes of being the first to reach the last square. 

Snakes and Ladders Megadice Review: The Latest Slot

Landing on a ladder sends your piece a number of squares up the board, whilst landing on a snake pushes you back. It’s a game that’s popular all around the world and has previously appeared in one or two slots.

In addition, this version of the classic game is brought to you by Pragmatic Play and Reel Kingdom in the form of Snakes And Ladders Megadice, a slot that allows players to win cash from an actual Snakes and Ladders board during the bonus round.

1. The Payline

The base game is played on a 5 x 3 gaming grid with 10 fixed paylines before moving on to the spectacular. The font used for the low pay symbols and in-game messages, as well as some of the visuals in general, have a retro 8-bit gaming feel to them. 

Reel Kingdom, as is customary, refused to keep to one genre or technique, resulting in a visual clash. The appearance is in keeping with the fact that Snakes & Ladders is an old board game, yet it also appears confusedly outdated. Overall, we weren’t wowed by our first impressions, but others could enjoy the eclectic collection.

Snakes and Ladders Megadice Review
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2. RTP and Volatility

Because of the up-and-down nature of Snakes and Ladders Megadice, you could be winning one minute and losing the next. After a few rounds, a lucky ladder propels you to the top of the leaderboard. 

For the slot variant, such chaotic gameplay has been matched with a very volatile math model. The default RTP is 96.68%, and the potential isn’t bad either. Players can play the classic on any device, with bets ranging from 10 per cent to a maximum of £/€100.

3. Pay Symbols

The symbols have a random quality to them, which isn’t uncommon for Reel Kingdom. Low payouts are 10 to Ace 8-bit stylized card royals, with a five-of-a-kind hit earning 5-10 times the stake. Ladders, snakes, bananas, and Gorilla Kings are among the highs, with a full line of 5 earning 15-50x the stake. 

Even better, if you get five Wild Dice icons on a payline, you’ll win 500x your stake. Wild Dice, like regular dice, land with 1, 2, or 3 dots on them in addition to substituting for pay symbols. A winning multiplier of x1, x2, or x3 is represented by the number of dots.

4. Slot Features

The main goal is to trigger the Snakes and Ladders bonus round, which may be done by landing the proper number of scatters or by using a progressive feature.

Progressive Feature

The 11 sections of the snake above the reels are inactive at the start of the game or when the stake is modified. The number of dots displayed by Wild Dice fills parts of the snake when it lands. 

If you overfill the snake, you can trigger the bonus game and win more rolls depending on how many Wild Dice dots land. Changing bets restarts the snake fill process, although you can maintain your progress by returning to a previous stake.

Snakes & Ladders Board Bonus

If you activate the round by filling the snake, you get 12 dice rolls plus any retriggers up to a maximum of 17. 

If bonus symbols are used to activate the feature, 3, 4, or 5 triggering bonus symbols will result in 12, 14, or 16 dice rolls, accordingly.

The bonus is played on a 12×12 snakes and ladders board with 144 places. A gorilla head token, which starts on square one, represents each player. Two dice are rolled each step, and the token advances the proper number of squares.

Our Final Thoughts

There are dice, rolling, and flying about a board zooming up ladders and down snakes, with the added bonus of perhaps collecting cash money along the way. 

As a result, any players who have indicated an interest in combining Snakes and Ladders with an online slot game now have an exciting option to try out. Of course, there are stipulations, and the Pragmatic Play/Reel Kingdom collaboration is unexpected. The appearance of Snakes and Ladders Megadice could be one deciding factor.

Finally, that is our Snakes and Ladders Megadice review. You can continue to play this game or any of the other games available on situs judi slot online.

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