Top 5 Best Battle Royale Games on Android

Top 5 Best Battle Royale Games on Android

Battle Royale games are an online multiplayer video game genre which combines the survival, exploration and cleanup elements of a survival game with the latest in gameplay. Battle Royale games involve dozens to hundreds of players starting around the world with minimal equipment and then eliminating all other opponents without being trapped outside of a shrinking “safe area”. The winner is the last player or member of team left alive.

Battle Royale games on Android

Here are the best Battle Royale games for Android.

• Guns Royale

Battle Royale games

The first battle royale games that you can play is Guns Royale. You drop off with a group of players in a shrinking play zone in a massive free-for-all shootout. However, the game transitions from a first-person perspective to a three-quarter isometric view. This gives you the opportunity to see your opponents all around you, even behind corners where the game dynamics are very different.

In addition, this game has AR elements for an even more unique experience, as well as some other game features. It’s a free game like basically all other battle royale games, but it’s not aggressive with it or anything. In addition, most IO games have a battle royale feel to them.

• Most I / O games


There’s a ton of IO games out there with Battle Royale elements. The games usually put you in the middle of a massive battle with a number of random players worldwide. The mechanics differ depending on the game. has axes and uses blobs. However, the basic requirement is almost the same for most of these games. They are usually freemium titles and seem to suffer from similar connectivity and lag issues. However, they are probably the simplest battle royale games you can find.

• Pixel’s Unknown Battlefield


Pixel’s unknown battlefield is obviously a clone of PUBG. Pixel-style graphics are used, but most of the mechanics and controls are the same as other Shooter Battle Royale games. You come by, find things, kill the other players and survive the longest. This one also offers in-game chat, auto-recording, and lower graphics settings for lower-priced phones.

• Rules of Survival


Rules of Survival is another PUBG clone. This game came out after PUBG Mobile was announced but before the release date. They get off a plane, find things and kill people according to the norm. This one has some additional weapons, vehicles and matches with 120 players. It has stability and lag issues like the other games. Some games were more fun than others. This title hasn’t aged as well given the more sophisticated competition, but it’s still not bad as an alternative to these titles.

• PUBG Mobile


PUBG Mobile is one of the two big names in battle royale games for mobile. Most of the other eight games on this copy are from PUBG Mobile or Fortnite. It features 100 person matches on a large map that is slowly collapsing to get players to engage with each other. There are a wide variety of weapons, equipment, and vehicles to aid in the destruction. It’s a surprisingly stable game that runs pretty smoothly as long as you have the correct graphics settings for your device. There is also a PUBG Mobile Lite version for users with lower-priced devices.



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The last Battle Royale games we can share are: is an arcade shooter with Battle Royal elements. You immerse yourself in a world with many players. The goal, of course, is to be the last person standing and it uses simple 2D graphics, simple controls, and simple mechanics. It doesn’t take long to learn. In addition, there are team play modes, a lot of cosmetic items, leaderboards, weekly events and much more.

This feels more like a cell phone game than a console title ported to a cell phone. That’s perfectly fine, but it contains a number of freemium elements. In addition, the stability is a bit rocky at times. Otherwise, it’s a decent experience.

That’s all of the top 5 fun battle royale games you can find on Android and play with your friends. If you get bored playing these 5 games and want new experiences in games, you may visit any of casino online sites that will give you new sensation of playing games. Give it a try