The Surefire Way to Resuscitate Gamblers from Addictio

The Surefire Way to Resuscitate Gamblers from Addictio

A person can trick friends, family and relatives into financing their addiction to gambling, but how is the surefire way to resuscitate gamblers from addiction ?

Nobody likes to lose, including those who are addicted to gambling. But still they will continue to bet. If the dealer always wins, why don’t they just put money and participate in the game? Many people who are addicted to gambling say that even if their losses stack up, there is a sense that it will always bring them back to the card table or slot machine.

There are many cases that a gambler is willing to cheat his family, friends and other people up to US $ 100 million or around Rp1.3 trillion more to finance his hobby. He had not yet thought of the surefire way to resuscitate gamblers from addiction.

They only thought that it is just one way they can earn money to fill their gambling addiction. But if someone loses a lot of money maybe even loses their job or home as a result of gambling, how can that feeling of satisfaction outweigh their sacrifice. Have they not thought of actions that can be done as a surefire the surefire way to resuscitate gamblers from addiction ?

The first thing to remember is that a person gambles not only because of the winning prospect. Gambling addiction behavior says that gamblers have a lot of motivation for the habit of always repeating the habit. In a survey of 5,500 gamblers, the prospect of winning big bucks was the strongest factor.

But then followed by a sense of fun or excitement makes them always look for that pleasure. Even when you lose your gamble, your body still produces adrenaline and endorphins. In gambling, people seem to buy entertainment. In gambling, people seem to buy entertainment

This finding is supported by a study from the University of Stanford in California in 2009, which found that about 92% of people have lost a basic boundary that they can’t let go of.

Even if someone loses the gamble, there will always be satisfaction that keeps them betting. However, the fact that they lost money after visiting the casino, will not affect their enjoyment of the experience.

Many people seem to be quite content with small wins, and they will tolerate small losses when they know that they will lose rather than win in the long term. And for the time being, defeat can induce a positive response to victory. This is because gamblers’ expectations of winning will change as they lose continuously.

In a study at University College in London, a neuroscientist and his colleagues conducted experiments on 26 subjects whose brains were scanned as they made a series of choices, each choice showing a definite and uncertain outcome in a gamble.

Participants will be asked to rate their happiness scale after each turn or after three turns to guess. A similar experiment was conducted without brain scans carried out on more than 18,000 participants on a smartphone app, The Great Brain Experiment.

Various interesting findings from the team, when participants have lower expectations of winning, their response will get the appropriate reply increases. This was later proven by the subjects’ reports of feeling happy and the data from the MRI scan.

This MRI scan shows increased activity in the area of ​​the brain connected to the dopamine nerve. Dopamine is a very complex nerve transmitter; the way it works can be connected to changes in a person’s emotional state. If a gambler loses a lot, it lowers their expectations, and it increases their excitement when they win. This taste is tempting enough.

This dopamine should also be able to hit a point where someone can think of the surefire way to resuscitate gamblers from addiction, but it all takes a process.

If some bad things happen in a row to you then your expectations will drop too but then you get something good, and you might be happier. Even at this point, you should be gone. When someone loses in a row at gambling, when they win, they will feel happier.

Can tools like this gambling machine be active to manipulate? Not many people know that the design of these gambling machines has an effect on player behavior, for example, many machines and casinos use red or similar colors which are considered more stimulating.

Then there are also sounds and sounds that can stimulate the workings of the brain to gamble. Griffiths considered some aspects of the possibility that the mockery of a machine featuring an antagonistic character in The Simpsons might affect the player.

One of the key factors in how addictive gambling is to someone is how often a gambler can bet. The existence of opportunities to gamble is related to the level of gambling addiction problem in a society, so Griffiths said that there are a number of rewards that can be given and not the actual rewards or even the types of gambling that give rise to pathological gamblers.

The games and machines are designed to keep players interested by offering substitute prizes, such as extra credits, the chances of winning are greater than usual in the next opportunity.

There is less research into how game machines designed to stimulate a person to continue gambling. Small rewards other than money will trigger a gambler to continue to respond to his cravings. Interestingly, such as the case where gamblers develop shadow skills as a justification for getting these possible rewards.

Griffiths gave an example that there is a game engine in the UK that is designed using adaptive logic that the tool will provide more rewards than what consumers give in certain periods, and after that the tool will return to the normal system.

This means that some players will try to find machines that don’t hit the jackpot yet, in the hope that they will be on that machine when the machine hits the jackpot.

All of the findings of this study suggest that gambling is not always about winning, but rather the process of betting and the other factors around it that make it so enjoyable.

Although gambling addiction cannot be explained simply, sometimes there are many reasons for addiction to a person but it is certainly interesting to see how the fun is related to the structure and style of play.

While gambling is not a non-fatal obsession, it is still entertaining for those who return empty-pockets. Until now, it is still unclear what should be done as the surefire way to resuscitate gamblers from addiction. All that requires a long process and hard struggle.

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