<strong>Take The Bank Slot: Theme, RTP, Volatility, and Bonus Features</strong>

Take The Bank Slot: Theme, RTP, Volatility, and Bonus Features

It’s not a nice thing to be a robber, but what a lure when the game includes a Risk game for doubling your money, Free Spins, Scatter symbols, Wilds, Symbols Collection, and the Bonus Buy option! Today, we will examine all aspects of Take The Bank slot, including the mathematical model, bonus features, and design, and develop an opinion about it.

Take The Bank’s Theme

Take The Bank Slot

The playing field is positioned against a building backdrop, with the Bank visible on the left. You must go since you are a robber looking for the biggest payday! The slot has a nice cartoonish design, and the graphics are excellent. This time, Betsoft went above and beyond to make not only the gameplay but also the wrapper appealing.

The most valuable items were diamonds, gold bars, cash, safe doors, bombs, and crowbars. The classic low-pounding symbols are stylized suits of playing cards. We’ll show you what you get if you make one or more combinations in the Take The Bank slot below.

All symbols had good values and high-quality style, and the appearance of four unusual symbols caught our curiosity. The first is a police car Bonus that awards 15 free spins, the second is Wild, which replaces all normal icons, and the third is Robber – another Wild icon that transforms into a Bomb after 10 spins and also transforms into Wild (in a special game).

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Take The Bank’s RTP And Volatility

The risk is moderate, and the RTP is 96.08%.

Robbery is difficult, and you must plan your technique ahead of time to avoid being detected. You’re not a thief if you don’t get caught, right? This slot, fortunately, has medium volatility and an RTP of 96.08%, which is greater than the market average.

Take The Bank’s Bonus Rounds & Free Spins

Bonus Spins

Source from MIB700 sites, When three Bonus symbols (police cars) appear on the playing field, you are awarded 15 free spins. Police cars appear on reels 2, 3, and 4. The Countdown Master will be turned off, and the Free Spins will begin. Free Spins Mode is activated by scattering 5, 7, or 10 Wilds anywhere on the playing area. The Wilds change locations after each spin!

Especially ambitious robbers can use the Bonus Buy option to purchase the Bonus Round with 15 free spins (this is not available for UK players). You can select how many Wilds you get by purchasing this feature! What is the cost? 54 times for 5 wilds, 100 times for 7 wilds, and 190 times for 10 wilds.

Double Up

Click the “Double Up” button after each and every ordinary win. You can gamble half or all of your profits as many times as you wish! The coin will spin, and if your prediction was correct, your stake will be doubled! After the Bonus Round, you cannot Double Up.

Take The Bank’s Mobile Compatibility

Because the slot uses HTML 5, it may be accessed from any mobile device! You can operate on any modern mobile phone, but remember to connect to the Internet first. It also makes use of an innovative gaming engine, which results in shorter load times and a better user experience. Enjoy the exciting feature-packed gaming anywhere and whenever you want!

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Take The Bank Slot Overall Review

We enjoy how creative the layout of this slot is. It appears to be quite fascinating and hence stands out among the slew of publications on tired topics. There’s also a great Bonus Round, the Base Game Countdown Master, and the Double Up feature, but what’s the point if the top prize is just 225x the total stake? Overall, the take the bank slot will appeal to gamblers who are not major prize hunters.

Before you consider trying to play for real money at this online slot, we suggest you try the demo slot version in the first place to get some experience.