Wild West Gold Slot Review: Most Profitable Slot to Date

Wild West Gold Slot Review: Most Profitable Slot to Date

Wild West Gold Slot review is a way to find out more about the highest RTP slot games from Pragmatic Play. The more you know about it, the higher your winning potential.

Players are always looking for the best new slot to hit a jackpot or two. Lucky for you because we are going to give you a one of a kind slot game. Wild West Gold online slot is a game released by Pragmatic Play.

This game is worthy of today’s slot discussion and review. There are many reasons and also disadvantages when playing in Wild West Gold. Do not worry because this article today is specially designed for all the new players out there.

Wild West Gold Slot Review

Choosing and trying online slot for the first time can be a hassle. Let us look at Wild West Gold and see all of the benefits that awaits you.

Wild West Gold Slot Gameplay

Wild West Gold will take their players back in time. You can try the very old fashioned slot style such as cowboys and the wild west. This online slot game is made up of around 5 reels in total. You can say that the Wild West Gold is truly a classic online slot.

The category may seem like it is a little non fiction based. But do not worry because now there are many free spins and wild bonuses. This game is quite similar to other games such as Magic Portal. There is a story telling aspect to this game.

While playing Wild West Gold, players are going to take a story lane. There will be missions and cut scenes to accompany you.

Wild West Gold Quality of Animation

One particular thing that we need to point out today is the animation. Online slot games must give out good soundtrack and animation. Both of these can be found in Wild West Gold with a well off design. 

The design of this game deserves good review because the soundtrack in itself makes the game more interesting. All players are able to hear sound effects such as crow noises, piano clicks, and etc. All of these creates a very realistic sound effect. 

We also give a very high rating for the quality of animation. Animation can be seen by how good the game is when it is being spun. The wheel shows a very good and slow animation and then gives an instant payout.

Payout and Minimum Bets

Betting is a huge part of the game. Any player who wants to make money has to be able to bet huge amounts or small amounts as they which. The minimum amount of bet in this game is set at around 20 cents. And then you can even raise your bet as high as 100 dollars or $100.

The betting amount is considered as ideal. This is because players can still easily adjust the amount of their money of their choice. After that, you can expect around 20 times up to 100 times total payout.

Payout is what people call when they get their money back. Of course the payout can be much lesser than the original amount of your bet. But on the other hand, there is also a huge chance for you to make some profit back. The profit in this game cannot be predicted as easily.

The maximum payout is achieved when a player is able to hit a jackpot. Upon hitting a single jackpot, you can expect a payout of around 600 times of your original bet. This is a huge number for a bet as small as 20 cents only. Players can get a big chance of winning at such a small price.

RTP of Wild West Gold Slot

Wild West Gold slot is focused on long term playing instead of instant wins. That is why their RTP is set at an average 98%. This RTP may not be very high or very low. Which is indeed the goal of their website in the first place.

Players can get bonuses and free spins upon hitting the right symbols. The symbols that are most valuable is the cowboy symbol and the cowgirl. 

Free Spin Combinations in Wild West Gold

Wild West Gold is the home for free spins. Free spin is something that everyone can enjoy easily. Who doesn’t want a free spin that gives real money payouts? Well in Wild West Gold, you can get up to 8 free spins from 1 spin only. There is of course a guaranteed chance that you might win some money back from that 8 free spin.

On top of that, some of the key reels are the ones such as original scatter symbol and reel number 4. All of this has the highest chance of hitting a free spin.

Besides free spins, there are also other types of higher combination. These combinations are known or called as the wilds. Wilds is one combination level below jackpot but it is still considered high.

Jackpot System in Wild West Gold

Wild West Gold has an easy jackpot system to understand. Hitting a jackpot is always a challenge in wherever slot game that you want to play. Wild West Gold has an increased chance of hitting a jackpot due to its free spin reward.

The free spin feature will give players more chances of actually hitting a jackpot. Say for example you place a bet of around $1. And then you hit a free spin with a total of 10 free spins. All of these free spins will award you around $10 worth of spins. 

Jackpot amounts will be based off of your original bet in the first round. So you can bet up to $100 and then win $60000. This amount will make players instantly rich within a fraction of a second.

Weaknesses Of Wild West Gold Games

Every game has its down side or weakness. Wild West Gold is one game that has a few problems. Especially when there is a new update that will come out. Applications from Wild West Gold will experience problems such as freezes or crashes.

 So with that make sure you understand this first. This can be very disturbing the fun of the players. Indeed, there have been a lot of complaints submitted to Wild West Gold. But they themselves have not really solved the problem. 

Hopefully this article can help all you in choosing the best android slot game. Try various other variants like those on our next list of games. You can then proceed to our online slot site if you are ready to play the original slot.

Unique Auto Spin Feature in Wild West Gold Games

Tired of playing? Try the auto spin feature in Wild West Gold. Today we will review Wild West Gold especially for their special features. The auto spin feature is something where bettors can play online slot machines without having to spend a lot of money at all. 

You can immediately try this feature so that you can play without having to press a button. The button will play automatically. At your desired time, online slots will continue to make money. But this will be very tedious if you do it repeatedly. Please try and hopefully this article can help you.

We highly suggest that you take advantage of this auto spin. Put a bet of around 50 cents up to $1. The amount does not have to be a lot. Instead increase the frequency of the bet instead to make your experience much more interesting. 

Achievements and Mission in Wild West Gold

Games like Wild West Gold will give you a very interesting experience. Wild West Gold slot directly takes on a specific theme, namely fantasy. You can see their theme clearly when you enter the online slot game. 

This online slot game is more directed towards a game that can be enjoyed compared to playing slot gambling. Indeed, the game system still uses rounds and there is also such a thing as reels or wheels. But the game is combined with daily missions. 

Where players can directly carry out these missions and complete various missions. If successful, then you will be given XP and additional coins. These coins can be recycled and used to play. While XP will make you level up while playing.

This level is very important, especially in this online slot gambling game. This best android slot game focuses on long-term game play. So that players don’t get bored easily and can follow the storyline of the game. 

Demo Spin Feature in Wild West Gold

Until now, they also provide free chips or coins, which are 5 million coins. And for the jackpot you can get up to 700 million coins in one spin. This is only for the demo spin.

Demo spin is a very important tool to test out new slot games without having to place real bets. You can try demo spin which is the exact same thing as betting real money. Demo spin is usually given unlimited amount of times until you want to gamble using real money again.

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