<strong>Why You Should Stop Spending Money on Poker when Re-entry and Rebuy Tournaments</strong>

Why You Should Stop Spending Money on Poker when Re-entry and Rebuy Tournaments

Re-entry and repurchase tournaments, commonly known as WEEEE! buy and WEEEE! Entry tournaments are two poker tournament types that have gained in popularity recently.

They occasionally receive the WEEEE! tags in tribute to the wonderful sound you make on a roller – coaster as a result of the turbulent and wild twists and turns that these formats are known for.

Why you should stop spending money on poker when it comes to re-entry and rebuy tournaments? Many players lose money on rebuys and re-entries because they overthink their strategic modifications. T

Why You Should Stop Spending Money on Poker Tournaments

Why You Should Stop Spending Money on Poker

We are going to delve head first into these tournament variants and explore how to properly adapt our approach so that we can stay profitable and destroy these formats.

As is customary, we should begin by defining both of these types so that everyone is on the same page about what we’re talking about.

Why you should stop spending money on poker? A Re-entry Tournament is a version that allows injured players to re-enter the tournament, basically starting from the beginning as if you were a totally new participant. Almost usually, you will be given a whole new seat with the same beginning stack as when you originally arrived.

Rebuy tournaments, but on the other hand, enable players to rebuy while still at their table, much like recharging your stack in a cash game. A rebuying player remains in a same seat and is not considered as a new player, but rather as a person reloading their stack.

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Why You Should Stop Spending Money on Poker: 3 Thoughts for Re-entry Poker Tournaments

The strategic consequences of re-entry tournaments are so diverse, I believe it is preferable to approach them in a list below.

1. Re-entry events are essentially ordinary tournaments with more difficult fields

Professionals and serious players will usually enter tournaments at least once, if not twice. Amateur players, on average, are less inclined to do so and are more prone to simply leave when felted. Why you should stop spending money on poker as a result, re-entry tournaments result in a significant number of excellent players surviving when the re-entry time ends.

2. Some people will enter re-entry tournaments as if they were rebuy events

Re-entry tournaments aren’t as different from freezeouts as some people believe. But it does not stop some players to play an even looser style knowing they can always get back in. Why you should stop spending money on poker?

These players want a larger stack that will offer them the best chance to run deep in the tournament, and they are prepared to risk needing to use an ATM to acquire it. This is not a recommended technique in re-entry forms, but there are players that utilize it, so it’s worth keeping in mind.

3. Don’t undervalue your initial entry only because you have a reserve entry

The fact that you come prepared to re-enter the competition does not obligate you to do so. Too many players with multiple buy-ins or financial supporters for tournaments play poorly with their initial buy-in because they have a second one waiting. 

Why you should stop spending money on poker ? Playing a little looser might be advantageous in some situations, but you must never play differently just because there is another buy in behind you.

Excessive looseness will result in massive of wasted buy-ins and missed chances. It doesn’t make you any cooler to be able to boast you’ve entered a tournament 13 times.¬†

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Why You Should Stop Spending Money on Poker: Types of Rebuy Tournament Rules

Let’s go through the most prevalent sorts of rebuy tournament regulations so we can move on to the related strategy with more confidence.

1. Rebuy when all your chips are gone 

This rebuy structure requires you to have 0 chips in order to rebuy. This should be considered tactically in the same way as a re-entry tournament because it is essentially the same except you stay in the same seat with the same table.

2. Rebuy anywhere under or at starting stack 

It is the same with the instant rebuy option, with this format, you can rebuy whenever your chip stack is equal to or less than the starting chip stack.

For example, if you start with 10,000 chips, you can rebuy at 9,999 chips, 10,000 chips, but not 10,001 chips, and so on and so forth. This does imply that you can repurchase as soon as you sit down. You would then receive another 10,000 chips, giving you a total of 20,000 chips to begin the event with.

For Instant Rebuy Tournaments, there are two prevalent formats:

  • 1R1A Tournaments are abbreviated for One Rebuy One Add-on. These events, as the name implies, allow participants a single rebuy during the allowed rebuy phase and a single add-on during the given add-on time.
  • Tournaments with unlimited rebuys are far more prevalent. These allow any player to take any amount of rebuys during the rebuy phase.

3. Rebuy tournament add-ons

Rebuy tournaments are frequently connected with add-ons. Add-ons enable any player, regardless of stack amount, to “purchase” an extra block of chips at the end of the rebuy time. The number of chips is usually higher than a conventional rebuy or starting stack, making it a solid buy for nearly any player. Feel free to try slot gacor.

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