Starz Megaways Slot Review: Space Themed Slot Game

Starz Megaways Slot Review: Space Themed Slot Game

Still looking for a new slot game to try? Starz Megaways is another game from Pragmatic Play that is worthy to be tried. We have compiled all of the pros of cons that you can get when playing in Starz Megaways. Come take a look at this Starz Megaways slot review.

Starz Megaways Slot Review

This game is a high quality game that took many months to be designed by the software developers Pragmatic Play. You can certainly win plenty of money. But keep in mind that even slot games have its own risks. So do your own research before playing in a video slot game. 

Starz Megaways Slot Gameplay

Starz Megaways slot is an amazing team that you need to try. Best Pragmatic Play slot game. Upon entering this game there will be lots of unique symbols that you cannot find in other types of games. Some of the most popular symbols are such as the cosmo, galaxy, star, planet, sun. 

There are lots of space objects that you can find in this one single slot alone. In general this slot game is similar to other types of fiction and fast action slot. The video slot in itself has five reels in total. All of these five reels can produce up to 40 different paylines.

In total, players are given around 900 different possible combinations. All of these combinations of course comes from the sun, moon, and all other different types of symbols. Starz Megaways is a very enjoyable game because it is anti mainstream. Players will not be easily bored when playing this.

Payout System in Starz Megaways

Each game of video slot will offer you many different payouts. We are going to explain to you briefly what these payout can mean. Payout is basically a way for players to know how much money they can potentially make.

Starz Megaways give a potential payout of around 2 times, 5, times, 10 times, 50 times, and so much more. The combination is basically endless because players can get tons of different payouts. 

The payout when playing in Starz Megaways is relatively almost instant. You can get a lot of money in a matter of seconds. Players can even cash in and out their money into the slot game to get multipler spins. There are many ways to get a good payout in Starz Megaways.

Free Demo Slot 

Our Starz Megaways slot review will also include to you a brand new feature called as the free demo slot. Demo slot is a way for players to play with real video slot machines. But the difference is that they do not have to pay any real money to play or to place a bet. 

Players can instead play for free of charge. This is a very fun feature because now everyone can play slots even though they may not want to use real money.

Starz Megaways have provided to players some free credits that you can try. Feel free to try this feature. We highly recommend that you try this feature especially for spinning slots that are still new. 

Starz Megaways can give you a bit of training through the demo spin. After the demo, you can then place real money. Demo spin is usually unlimited and given to all players who want to try it.

Minimum Bet System in Starz Megaways Video Slot

The amount of money that you can get in Starz Megaways wholely depends on how much you bet. Players are recommended to start off easily which means they can vet in small amounts first. The minimum bet than this particular game is set at around 20 cents only. With 20 cents you have a potential of making up the thousands of dollars. Right now the total maximum thing that we can get is 2,500 times. 

Which means that if you simply but 20 cents there’s a huge potential that you can win 5,000 dollars. The maximum bet in a single spin set at $100 only. You cannot bet any more than that. 

If however you try to get one hundred dollars and you hit the jackpot then you’re going to instantly be rich. Because the total amount of money that the player can win will reach up to $250,000. 

Not many players have tried to get this. Because the chances of hitting a jackpot is always that low. But do not worry because there are other ways to make profit in the single slot alone.

Multiplier Spins

Peach spin will award you with a certain amount of multiplier bonuses that can be stacked. Take for example you better amount of around $100. You may not win the jackpot of 250 thousand dollars. But instead you can profit a total amount of 2 times your original bet. This is known as the multiplier spin or bonus. 

Multiplier may not be much at first but you can certainly make small amounts of money slowly. The most common multipliers been that you can get is around at two times or five times the profit. Anything on top of that is already considered as a good combination.

How to Win in Starz Megaways Video Slot

There are dozens of ways for you to make profit. Profit can only be said as truly profit if you’re able to withdraw the money. Hence things are just going this cannot be counted as profit whatsoever. One of the best way to make profit is to simply just play the slot game in the most classic way. 

You don’t have to bet big instead all you have to do is play patiently. Play patient is always a key to winning in slot games. You can place small types of pets with minimum balance. Hence usually the amount is set at around a couple of cents. 

You can start betting 10 cents or even 20 cents. After betting those kinds of amounts and then you can continue to increase your betting amount later on. The amount of money that you can best it’s truly up to you. Try to hit the bonuses or free spins to get additional types of income.

Conclusion About Starz Megaways Online Slot

Overall, Starz Megaways is a potential game that is perfect of producing thousands worth of rewards. Players may need to grasp what each symbol means before actually placing a huge bet. The amount that you bet Is not customized to the needs of the players. You can bet as much money or as little money as you want to. The game of Starz Megaways is a recommended game. This is due to the high RTP and 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re also going to give you a short answer to some of the most asked things. Come take a look at them down below. These section will surely give you the right answers.

Is Starz Megaways Profitable for Players?

There are dozens of ways that you can actually make easy profit. In order to get profit you must know the kind of RTP that you’re getting in the online slots that you want to play. Are you return to player percentage can award you with more money that you can win. 

Starz Megaways online slot is one of the most profitable game that we have in our list today. The main reason is because this online slot is designed for short-term play only. 

You can win lots of money in the short term but it is much harder for you to win after playing for days. We suggest that you switch up games after playing this game for a couple of hours.

Does Starz Megaways Slot Use Real Money?

Starz Megaways online slot uses real money only. Players are allowed to bet on the amount that they want. The amount is totally flexible and it is up to you. You do not have to always bet big. This flexibility allows players a much easier way to bet and gamble.

To gamble using real money, players have to bet and deposit a certain amount of money. The money does not have to be much. There is only a minimum bet of around 10 cents only. Play wisely and you can start winning big.

Is pragmatic play safe to play?

Pragmatic play ranks amongst one of the biggest slot provider in the world. They are already trusted slot provider that actively releases new types of games and updates these types of games too. Upon playing their games of course you will be given a high quality service. 

Players will not just throw away their money because they actually not have a chance to win. The chances of winning is usually very fair because they have a fair play system. This fair play software system acts as a check and balance. 

This is much important because without this then players are going to be checked. Pragmatically is one of the most trusted places and their responsible for thousands of games worldwide.