What is Special Bonuses

What is Special Bonuses

Casinos provide bonuses to their players to keep them happy and motivated to keep playing. Among all the bonuses that online casinos offer, there is also a category of special bonuses. These are bonuses that are given away on special days, because these days are also celebrated at online casinos. For example, Mother’s Day, King’s Day, the beginning of summer, etc.

How Special Bonuses Work

The bonus must be activated first. How this works depends on the type of bonus involved. If it’s a percentage of your deposited amount, all you need to do is transfer money to your account and a certain percentage of that deposit will be automatically added to your balance. Of course there are also other bonuses, such as free spins, free money or a free round at one of the games. Special bonuses often contain a detailed explanation of how to activate the bonus. This is because these types of bonuses are unique and often only one-time, rather than a usual bonus that occurs more often.

Types of Special Bonuses

Here are the types judi qq of special bonuses online.

1. Special Bonuses by Recommending to Friends

This bonus is not very common, but it is still worth checking whether or not the casino where you play grants this bonus. It is a fairly easy bonus to obtain if you have friends who also occasionally take a gamble at an online casino. 

You get a certain amount when you have recommended the relevant online casino to someone and that person will actually create an account. What is important when registering is that he or she does indicate that you have recommended the casino.

2. New Year’s Special Bonuses

A new year comes with good intentions. Online casinos often want to let you know during this period that they want the best for their players and for that reason they want to spoil their players well. 

An example of this bonus is that the online casino doubles the first deposit that its players make on New Year’s Day. The online casino tries to contribute to a good start of your new year.

3. Christmas Special Bonuses

A Christmas bonus is a special casino bonus that is only offered during the holidays. These types of bonuses often come in the form of an Advent calendar, a Christmas tournament or an inflated welcome bonus. 

Interesting special bonuses are almost always offered during the holidays. You may then wonder why this is so. Will people really play a lot at an online casino during the holiday season? 

The answer to this question is: “Yes!”. The holidays are generally expensive days. People try to recoup the purchases that have to be made during these days in the online casino. In addition, you have a good time playing a game on your phone when you are watching “Home Alone” for the hundredth time.

The advent calendar is very popular these days. Every day it is exciting again to see which present awaits you that day. You now have an advent calendar for all kinds of different products/services, as well as for online casino bonuses. There are online casinos that offer their players a small bonus every day from December 1 to 24.

4. Cash Out Special Bonuses

With these types of special bonuses, the online casino often has a withdrawal option added for convenience. Free spins are often assigned to you immediately when you open the slot machine for which the free spins are intended. If it concerns a percentage of your deposit, then of course it concerns larger amounts, which means that the conditions are stricter. So read carefully which rules the casino has linked to the relevant bonus, then you can not be faced with surprises.

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