<strong>Pirate Treasure Slot Review (Medium Volatility, RTP 92.97%)</strong>

Pirate Treasure Slot Review (Medium Volatility, RTP 92.97%)

In this Pirate Treasure slot review, you will understand how it operates to earn big wins. Well, it isn’t the most technologically advanced slot machine available these days, but it does offer some advantages in the category for which it was designed. 

With only three reels and a pirate theme, this Swintt title has a pirate theme and current graphics, making it one of the better selections if you’re seeking for symbols other than fruits.

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A Brief of Pirate Treasure Slot Review

There are three reels and only one active payline inside. Rewards of 800x the bet are on the table, which could represent as much as $80,000 in cash. The RTP is only 92.97%, which isn’t very enticing. There is a multiplier wild that can help improve ordinary wins by up to 4x.

Pirate Treasure Slot Review

1. Betting Options

Even though you only have one active line, every spin must cost at least $0.25. Wagers of up to $100 are permitted on the other end of the spectrum, also for that single line.

You’re looking at a combo of three Pirate Wilds forming on the single available line in the best-case scenario. This pays 800 times the stake, which might range from $200 to $80,000 depending on the amount you used for that round.

In many aspects, it’s a fun game, but it doesn’t fare as well as some of the others in the long run. At 92.97%, the RTP is quite low. Earn profit by playing profitable judi online.

2. Game Features

Not only is this a typical slot machine in terms of the three reels available, but the number of extras is also pretty limited.

The only genuine feature you’ll get is the wild symbol, which depicts a female pirate. This is the wild card, and it comes with a 2x multiplier that will be applied to any combination in which it appears. There are three scenarios in which the wild might find itself:

  • 3 wilds on the active line, each of which pays out 800 times the bet (highest jackpot);
  • 1 wild and 2 matching regular symbols, with the wild applying a 2x multiplier to the win;
  • 2 wilds and 1 regular symbol, with the wilds multiplying the payout by a total of 4x.

3. Game Design

It’s a classic because of the three reels, but it’s a current title in terms of concept. A pirate story is being told, and all of the symbols on the reels are themed, which is something to admire in any 3-reel game that accomplishes it. 

The Female Pirate (wild) is the first symbol on the list, followed by the Parrot, Green Skull, Treasure Map, Treasure Chest, and Anchor.

Our Conclusion

In the end of this Pirate Treasure slot review, like a medium-volatility slot machine, may be a fun way to spend the time, but it doesn’t have a high enough RTP to go along with it. Still, we’re confident that its pirate-themed design will attract people searching for a more straightforward experience.

Last but not least, we’d like to recommend you play some simple classic slots to get used to the slot pattern. Try Crazy Farm Race, Dubya Fruit Machine, and Bees Buzz slot machines if you like themed slot games.

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