Hot Safari Slot Review: Wild Themed Slot to Try

Hot Safari Slot Review: Wild Themed Slot to Try

Let us visit the jungle by trying this online slot game. Hot Safari slot review has been made with plenty assessment from our slot review team. In this slot review, you can learn about the RTP, advantages, disadvantages, and so much more. 

Hot Safari Slot Review

Players are always looking for something new and fun. Not only that, it is one of the highest RTP slot games on Pragmatic Play. Hot Safari comes in hot because this slot is one of a kind. You can really enjoy a new sense of slot game. 

Hot Safari Slot Gameplay

Hot Safari is an amazing game to try. It has up to 25 pay lines and made up of five reels or six reels. There are many versions of this game. But if you want to play the pragmatic player version then you’re going to get six reels in total. 

A game with six reels is usually uncommon. With that much reels there will be over thousands of combinations. Right now once been alone can give you up 2000s of profits in total. The game has a unique scenery that is set in the planes of Africa. 

You can see things are just the Savannah and wild trees. On top of that there will be dozens of symbols that represent lions and zebras. The gameplay and itself is very smooth because the software is already well made. Each player can plays a single bet or even multiple bets all at once. 

Our team have tried playing in this game and overall it gives an average return. The return player rate provided as set at around 98.6%. We could honestly say that this RTP is already high enough to play with.

The return to player rate that we can tell you in Hot Safari slot review is set at 98.9%. Feel free to check this online and see for yourself.

Multiplier Bonuses and Payouts

Hot Safari is an amazing game if you’re looking for combinations. These combinations are stackable which means that one multiplier can be mixed with 10 multipliers. Right now there are many features such as the multipliers that can stack up to 10 times. 

After reaching 10 times you can even get a double 10 time which will combine your multipliers. In total of single player can hit up to 100 times of multiplier. But that is not even the highest combination that you can actually get. 

A player can get a total combination of around 4,000 times your original betting amount. Many players who get this is instantly rich. Just imagine what happens if you bet only single dollar and bring home $4,000. The payout of Hot Safari is real and they will provide you with easy withdrawal.

Jackpot in Hot Safari

Hot Safari is a very easy game to get a jackpot. However the jackpot is also a progressive jackpot. You can store in small amounts of money and then put up your total accumulation. Players are able to back up to $100 in total. 

Right now the progressive jackpot is set at 100 million. This money is up for grabs for anyone and it depends on the multiplayer that you get. The higher your multiplier this means that the money will be taken away from the jackpot. 

You can see the jackpot total in the front of the online slot game page. The nominal will always increase or decrease depending on how the players are betting.

Free Spins in Hot Safari Slot

Hot Safari slot has small free spin symbols that you can hit. The first free spin can be obtained from just completing daily missions and coming online. Any player who actively gambles will be able to receive free spins.

Besides that, free spin will also be awarded when you can successfully land the triple combination. Players do not need all the pyramids to hit 5 reels in a row. 3 reels is the minimum of getting free spins.

Take Advantage Hot Safari Bonuses

Each online slot gambling site will issue their own version of the bonus. Of course, all sites want to provide the best. When playing online slot gambling, we will give you a deposit bonus of 100%. It’s a shame if friends don’t take advantage of this bonus properly. 

To get it, you only need to make a deposit once and for the first time. Then in a matter of minutes, you will be given a free balance in the form of an additional bonus. You can use this money first and then you can use it to get other benefits later. 

With this, anyone can become a reliable player in a very short time. Hopefully this article can help you play real money online slot games at our trusted agents.

Other types of Hot Safari bonuses also includes other types such as cashback and free spins. All of these small aspects can make a player profit even more. 

A cashback or two may not affect much of your balance at all. But after awhile, 10% cashback can even lead to more money to be utilized for spinning slots.

Tips to Play Hot Safari Slot

Playing in real money slot is risky. Players have to bet with caution and understand how to slowly get profit. There are many ways that you can keep progressing. Learn more down below on our tips. 

Bet Small and Increase Slowly

When playing real money online slot gambling games, make sure you always learn to enjoy the game you are running. You can place a small bet while learning the slot gambling.

Basically, there are so many variations of the game that you can choose according to your abilities. Of course, in order to win in the course of the online slot gambling game. However, if it turns out that your playing goal is just to fill your spare time or just try it. 

So it is highly recommended to play or place bets with the smallest value first. If the focus on playing has started to be good or has increased, then add the value of the bet gradually or little by little so that the game is more interesting and exciting.

What must always be remembered is that if you play online slot gambling, of course, it only aims to win and get pleasure. If you have studied and mastered the guide to winning playing real money online slot gambling, then it’s time to try how much luck you have. 

Of the many slot gambling machines that exist, maybe one of them will generate multiple profits or wins for you. That is to enjoy the free spins bonus.

Finding the Right Online Slot Machine For You

So in choosing the right type of online slot gambling, you only need to try each game once or twice. Pay attention to the capital needed to play and what prizes are issued. Understanding machines like this will be very useful when you are playing types of online gambling slots. 

Through this method, you will certainly benefit more from playing online slot gambling. The first game that is a must try is of course Hot Safari. Trying this game is a must because it is friendly for even the newer players.

Setting a Limit for Playing Online Slot Games

The most important thing when playing online gambling is money and the profit you are looking for. If this is the goal of you playing online gambling, it means that you have to make interpretations every day. For example, you have a number of balances, you can share this balance every day. 

This is done so that you do not immediately spend the existing money all at once in one day. Make a target and a limit for spending balance. For example, in a day the balance that can be spent is limited to $100. 

The amount that you want to limit is totally up to you. You may have a bigger initial balance and can adjust it accordingly. That way, you can get a profit the next day if you are not lucky today.

Plan Budget When Playing Slots Online

By doing this, you will benefit much more than before. The method of managing finances is one of the most important things that must be obeyed when you are playing online gambling. You don’t want your money to run out unnoticed. 

By making a daily budget, it will be easier for you to manage your respective finances. This is not only done when you are experiencing losses. But when you are winning, make a daily target that you want to achieve. If you don’t, your you will end up spending the money you have won and not getting a profit at the end of the day.

It should also be noted that bettors are given the option to withdraw whenever they want. Don’t forget to withdraw because this must be done by the players.

Here are some ways that can be used to reap profits in online gambling games. Make sure you follow our way and read our other articles.