<strong>Gladiators Go Wild Review: Bet and Bonuses (iSoftBet)</strong>

Gladiators Go Wild Review: Bet and Bonuses (iSoftBet)

We can make sure, you will be interested with our Gladiators Go wild review. A trip to Ancient Rome to see the fierce warriors of the Coliseum is always a popular theme for a slot machine, and this game is no exception. 

The game will revolve around a few of these warriors, and thanks to its attractive graphics and straightforward gameplay, it will pay out fairly well.

Summary of Gladiators Go Wild Review

Gladiators Go Wild Review

There are top prizes in Gladiators Go Wild that can be as high as 400x total stake, or $4,000, so this isn’t a game to play if you want to get rich quick. 

It can still brighten your day, and it will do so with 6 reels and 10 lines. Gladiators Go Wild needs to rely on stacked wild symbols and re-spins as major features, a combo that we’ve seen in other games as well.

1. Bet and Prizes

Because the generous game area with 6 reels only has 10 lines, you only need to wager $0.10 to get the reels spinning. The smallest line bet is $0.01, and the largest is $1. This enables a total bet of up to $10 to be placed on the game.

Jackpots could be worth up to 40 times the total stake for each top-paying combination, or up to 400 times if all of them are formed in the same round. Because the stakes are low and the return is low, you can only win up to $4,000 per spin or re-spin.

Because of the low top payouts, the game pays out frequently, and as a result, it’s classified as a medium-volatility slot. Even though the rewards are lower, if you don’t have a risk appetite, this experience may be better for you. Please try playing at situs slot for a new adventure.

2. Game Features

Gladiators Go Wild doesn’t have a lot of new and unique features, but as the title suggests, the game’s focus is on wild symbols, and the rest of the game’s few features are derived from them.

Regular high-paying symbols will appear on the reels, depicting gladiators, and will land stacked. The idea is that you want them to take over all positions on a reel because that’s when they turn into wild symbols. After the wild reels are locked in place, a re-spin is triggered.

If the player has extra stacked wilds showing up on reels that aren’t locked, the re-spins will continue. By the end of it, you might have a few wild reels in the game area, and you might even be able to trigger the slot’s top jackpot.

There are no other features, so the only way to win is to line up those high-paying gladiator icons, which turn into wilds.

3. Design and Theme

Ancient Rome has already inspired a number of games, and despite the common story it tells, we found this one to be quite enjoyable. Along with the usual Royals, there are four dangerous-looking gladiators as high-paying symbols. iSoftBet has talented designers, and the game, like most of their other slots, looks great.

Final Words

In conclusion of our Gladiators Go wild review, the game is a fun slot to play for players who prefer lower volatility and a steady stream of good payouts, all while keeping the number of symbols small and the action straightforward.

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