Fruity Fortune Slot Demo Machine Review: Demo Feature & Free Spins

Fruity Fortune Slot Demo Machine Review: Demo Feature & Free Spins

Fruity Fortune Slot Demo – None of us can escape the call of fruits when the slot machine is king, as they are the bread and butter of these traditional games. A slot without fruit is soulless, without purpose. Having been inundated with various themes over the past few years, some of us may feel like we’re missing out when we come across a classic game, but Fruity Fortune Slot Demo Plus is here to put that fear to bed.

Its 3×5 grid brings a burst of cheerful color and equally appealing fruit, the images not as retro as the Las Vegas originals, but a more modern and distant cousin. These different symbols will wrap around and around the 5 reels, by your hand or the software, popping up in groupings to give you rewards.

Before you leave this page and resign yourself to looking for a better game, we implore you to try Fruity Fortune Slot Demo Plus – it’s got plenty of flavor that will tantalize your taste buds. Don’t believe us? Try it and prove us wrong!


Fruity Fortune Slot Demo

The cracking sound as you slice through your fruits and veggies is oddly satisfying, as is the uniform size we cut the pieces into, and so it’s only fitting that MultiSlot gave us a virtual way to do it.

It won’t be as pretty though, as this mini level has a frenetic side to it because you have to hack the fruit floating on the screen, your mouse a sword to command. If you’ve ever played with an older EyeToy PlayStation 2 or the modern Wii, you’ve come across a game like this or very similar. No skills are involved, you just have to hit the fruits and cut them; in Fruity Fortune Plus, rewards are accumulated randomly.

Split Time

Banana splits, ah they’re bringing us back, but they’re about to spin you around as they line up and trigger the free spins feature. Just like any slot machine, users will need a minimum of three sundae tiles and a maximum of five for anything to happen. Once you have met the criteria, spins equal in value to the number of symbols you found will begin – the most spins you can get is 75.

Fruity Fortune Slot Demo Feature

There are quite a few buttons under the reels, many of which promise and do different things, which is why you have us handy to make sure you don’t do anything stupid. Your first stop should be the purplish pink bet button.

MultiSlot created this so you only have to click on it when setting your bet amount – they’ve used it in other games but clearly people must have been confused as they have had to label the widget with a “click to change” note. Follow the instructions and you will be guided through the full range of bets.

The way to change the paylines is equally stupid, usually the brand just expects the user to tap the numbers around the grid, it’s super simple, but due to previous confusions, they now also have a lines button. It does what the bet does and punches through the numbers.

As for the orange automatic toggle, it’s remained much the same, except there are no adjustment options; users click if they want 10, 25, 50 or 100 spins and then go from there. From the moment you select the amount of movement of the reels, the rocker becomes a counter and the spin button a stop button.

The Zest of Life

As we said at the beginning, this is a slot machine that should always be given a chance, because during and after playing it you can see the benefits and the fun it brings. MultiSlot has created another winner with Fruity Fortune Plus, and that’s the one we’ll get to right now.

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