Extra Juicy Slot Review: Best Fruit Slot Right Now

Extra Juicy Slot Review: Best Fruit Slot Right Now

This Extra Juicy Slot review can help you understand more about this popular game from Pragmatic Play. This could be a fun option to play. And of course, this is on the list of best Pragmatic Play slot games with high RTP.

Online slot games are meant to be enjoyed and you can expect money as a reward. Right now, not all slots are fun to play and you need to know which one is worth it. 

Extra Juicy Slot Review: Best Fruit Slot Right Now

Extra Juicy is a slot that is created with superb simplicity. All you are going to see is things such as fruits. In this article, we are going to discuss every aspect of this game. 

Such as the return to player percentage up to the animations. Come take a read before you jump in and try Extra Juicy from Pragmatic Play.

Extra Juicy Slot Gameplay

Extra Juicy oline video slot is a 5 reel slot. It can create only up to 15 pay lines at a time. This is because there are 5 reels within 3 wheels. The game is one of the easiest one to play even though it is considered as a 5 reel slot. 

The game only consist of fruit themes. The game is fun to play because it incorporates family-friendly gameplay. Almost anyone can click a button and spin the reel. After that the payout of this game is always instant. So you do not have to wait for multipliers or such things.

Jackpot System of Extra Juicy Slots

Extra Juicy slots have a very easy jackpot system to understand. Players have to spin several times in order to get the jackpot. Or you might actually get lucky and hit a jackpot almost instantly. Jackpot can only be triggered when the chest lines up in all 5 reels. 

On top of that, there are mini jackpots. The huge jackpots will give you a payout of around 500 times the original betting amount. This amount is huge and you can potentially make plenty of money. 

Players often get the mini jackpot or even get other types of multiplier. This is because hitting the actual jackpot can be very hard for players to achieve.

Multiplier Combinations in Extra Juicy Slots

Extra Juicy Slots have plenty of combinations because there are 5 reels. Hence the total pay line of around 15 can produce up to 500 different combinations. All of these combinations have their own unique animations. The animation however is not as exciting as you may think. 

Multiplier combinations is another way to make money. You can hit small combinations or hit the small symbols. These symbols would then give you an average pay out of around 5 times up to 50 times. 

The multiplier combination is also stackable. Which means that one combination can trigger several other combinations right after. This is one of the best features that you need to take advantage of when you play in Extra Juicy slots. 

RTP and Volatility of Extra Juicy Slots

Extra Juicy slot sis favored by many people because it has a good fixed RTP. The RTP of this game is set at 99.1%. With this RTP, players are able to make some profit on the short and long term.

On the other side, we must also be able to look at the volatility of this game. Volatility will measure how easy it is to make money. Sometimes a slot game with high volatility will be harder to play. 

Because it is uncertain on when you are able to make money. Sometimes you can win big and take home plenty of money. But this also means that there is a huge chance of losing. Overall, Extra Juicy slots is a game with medium volatility. You can still make a considerable amount of money when playing this game.

Bonuses to Expect from Extra Juicy Slots

Extra Juicy slots gives their players lots of bonuses. Especially if you are playing this game for the first time ever. There are plenty of bonuses to discuss. These ranges from cashback bonuses, multiplier bonuses, and free spins.

Free Spin Bonuses

The first type of bonus is known as the free spins. Free spin is literally what is sounds like. Player can get a chance of getting free spins and can spin for free. The reward that you have gotten from the free spin can be kept all to yourself. And this reward from the free spin is also real money. 

To get free spin, players have to complete several daily missions and accomplishments. Players who are typically active and always online will have a higher chance to get free spins. These free spins are awarded only at a limited amount every single day.

This is a great way to get free rewards without having to risk your money by betting. Try getting a free spin or two from Extra Juicy online slots.

Cashback and Rebate Bonuses

Cashback and rebates is another part of online gambling and it is usually given to players. Cashback and rebates is like a discount but it will directly be added onto your total balance. The usual amount of rebates is set at around 10% up to 20%. 

The percentage of rebates depend on the types of event that is currently active. Usually huge events such as New Year or Christmas may award you with bigger bonuses. The cashbacks are always active during the time period that it is given. 

One good thing about cashback and rebates is that they are awarded almost infinitely. You can keep betting and actively get the rewards. We highly suggest that you seek bonuses like these when playing in online slot games.

Bonus Deposits and Welcome Bonus

Deposit bonus is something that will change your profit drastically. Online casinos will give out new bonus deposits or ways for players to get extra credits. One of which is simply by depositing for the first time. Any player who wants to do a first time deposit will be given a reward of around 100%.

Just imagine if you deposit $100 and get a total credit of $200. This total profit will give you extra cash to play online slots later on. You can get the all bonus if you register in this site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Down below is where all of your potential questions are answered. We hope that this section can help you understand so much more about the world of video slots.

What is Fruit Slot Video Slot?

Fruit slot is one of the many genres in online video slot. Of course there are many innovations such as fruit slots, fiction slots, and non fiction slots. Software developers is allowed to take ideas from things such as movies. 

That is why there are newer types of slot machines every single day. Fruit slot is much fun and easier to understand because everything is shaped like a fruit. The better the fruit, then the higher your reward will be.

Can I Make Real Money From Extra Juicy?

Extra Juicy slots enables players to use real money to bet. After that, they are also allowed to bet as much as they want. You can bet and gamble using real money but do so responsibly.

The money that has been won and gained could be withdrawn. There is a feature in these online slot sites to withdraw money directly to your pocket. After that, feel free to use the money for whatever reason.

Is Extra Juicy Video Slot Safe?

The quick answer to this question is yes of course. All games from Pragmatic Play has been supervised and it is under legal constraints.

The software developers themselves also has this thing known as a legal gaming license. So all of the games provided has been qualified as safe to play or fair play.

What is Jackpot?

You must know what a jackpot is first. The jackpot is the highest combination you can get from an online slot agent. This combination was created by spinning the wheel which is very unique and difficult for all players to get. 

One time getting the jackpot can make a player get a profit of up to 100 or even 10000 times as much. That’s how players struggle continuously because this combination is so hard to get. People use different tips and tricks to get good patterns.

How to Get Jackpot?

There is an impression where a bettor can immediately try all the means to win correctly on a trusted online slot betting website. Until finally there is the best method to ascertain the best ways to get the best results with all the quick methods.

Therefore, the best method to assess what the basics of playing are more certain by looking at how the capital structure is to choose the best machine.

The pattern of playing on an online slot gambling machine often provides a definite experience that has been used correctly so far. Likewise, in terms of experience, it is important to assess the right way so that victory is immediately obtained for sure. 

Try different games and bet with different amounts. Getting an actual jackpot will be hard to predict. All you gotta do is keep on trying until you get the right one.