The Dog House Slot Review: Casual Game of the Year

The Dog House Slot Review: Casual Game of the Year

Welcome to today’s The Dog House slot review. In this article, we are going to give you some insights about one of the popular games from Pragmatic Play. There are many things that we are going to dissect in this article. Make sure that you stick with us until the end.

Pragmatic playhouse I’ve done themselves by releasing a new type of slot game. This type of slot game has five reels in total. On top of that there’s a total amount of 20 pay line which makes the game much more interesting. 

The Dog House Slot Review: Casual Game of the Year

At a first glance you may thought that this game is so simplistic or it is a game for children. But the truth is this game has its own specialty. You can get a casual game to produce real money and that is the magic of this game.

Gameplay of The Dog House Slot

This game is actually perfect for players who are still new. You may not always want fast action animation. That is why you want a relaxed kind of theme such as dogs and cute puppies. The Dog House slot is fun and entertaining. Players do not need much knowledge to try this game.

The Dog House slot currently has an unchanging return to player rate of around 98.7%. We totally classify this game as a high RTP Pragmatic Play slot game. Usually any slot games that is above 98% or so is worthy to be played. 

Multiplier Spins on Pragmatic Play

Right now pragmatic play releases menu games. Games such as The Dog House slot is not a huge surprise to everyone. The game produces up to 200 times multiplier. This is a very huge number because players can easily profit off of this alone. 

But the chances of getting up to 200 times multiplier is not that high to begin with. That is why you’re going to rely the smaller types of multiplier so just two times or three times. Getting two times or three times multiplayer is not hard at all.

 Players are going to see dog bones and dog symbols. These types of symbols will produce combinations that you may look for. We can honestly say that the combination you can get is anti mainstream.

Symbols and Visual Graphics of The Dog House

Next up in the dog house slot review we’re also going to talk about other aspects of this game. The game is simple but it has lots of combinations that you need to memorize. Of course pragmatic play have provided the necessary ways for you to understand these types of slot symbols. 

The symbols themselves is formed in a very cartoony way. You can see that the symbols are oversized and they are filled with brilliant colors. Hence attracting many players who will not be easily  bored to this game. 

Cute types of dogs such as a small puppy will produce a smaller combination. Whereas the other types of dogs which are the Doberman will give you a better combination. This is fun to understand because the concept of the game follows with dog breeds.

One particular thing to note is that the game also has its own soundtrack. So you may want to listen to thee voice because it is synchronized with the combinations. One of the most common and favorite combination that you can get is known as the doberman. 

Just type off combination has to land on all five symbols. If you do this perfectly then you may have a great chance of getting 38 times of your original amount.

Minimum Bet and Payout of The Dog House

This online slot game is focused on providing fun as well as profit at the same time. The amount of money that you can bet at a time is set at around 20 cents only. After that, a total profit of around 200 times can be made from one bet alone.

The maximum bet of The Dog House slot is currently set at 100 dollars. But people would not bet as much as that. Instead we suggest that you bet low amounts with many spins.

Disadvantages of The Dog House Slot

The Dog House slot is a game with flaws too. One thing to keep in mind is that this game has so many symbols. Memorizing all the symbols can be confusing. The combination in total also reaches up to 200 combinations. 

You will need some time in order to understand what symbols gives what payouts. Besides that, there is no other disadvantage from playing The Dog House slot. 

Conclusion of The Dog House Slot

The dog house slot review is going to conclude a few points regarding this slot game. Players can get a quick service in Pragmatic Play. They are given the flexibility to bet and withdraw the money almost instantly.

Overall, The Dog House slot is ranked high because there is a high RTP that goes along with it. The gameplay is also smooth. There is no story line attached to this game. Hence it is the perfect game for a short term profit.

The rate of jackpot is also high. The game comes with increasing volatility. That is why hitting a jackpot is relatively much easier in comparison to other types of slot games. You can also expect the same thing in losing.

Tips to Play The Dog House Slot

We have also provided to you some important tips that you need to try. These tips will surely make you profit a bit more. There are many tips that is useful even though slot games are based on chances.

Manage Finances Before Playing Online Slot Machines

The players who register with us will definitely go through a process known as a deposit. Deposits are very important for all players to pass. If you do not make a deposit, players will not be able to bet on our online slots site. 

The purpose of the deposit is to provide a certain amount of balance that you can use to bet as much as you want. Deposits also don’t need to charge the bettor’s wallets. Because a nominal deposit like $100 is more than enough to play online slot gambling. 

After you make this deposit, you will immediately see your balance increase in your account. One question you need to ask yourself is what should you do when you get this balance?

Choosing the Best Online Slot Machines

On our slot gambling site, players are given the option to choose various types of machine machines that will benefit you. Each of these machines aims to make the bettor both a reliable player as well as a wealthy player. 

If you are new to the world of online slot gambling, the  online slot site will give you a few recommendations. If you enter the page to play slots, then there are several guides such as writing “hot” and “favorites”. 

The games that will be most often sought after by online slot gambling players will be at the top. So if you are still confused, just do this method to get recommendations easily and instantly.

But surely you are still asking questions. Which online slot machine to choose and on what basis will you choose the online slot machine? The answer is RTP and pay line. 

Players must look for the highest RTP which is around 96% or 97% and above. Players who come to the  online slot site are very lucky. Because, our online gambling site only gives you the best. We give RTP you with a minimum of 97% so that your money will immediately return your investment back to your account. 

Not only that, the pay line is also very important to pay attention to. Choose a large pay line if you want to play long term. Because this will be cumulative or continue to add to the player’s balance.

Try all the variants of online slots regularly

There are many online slot gambling. This has become an obvious fact when you who love online slot gambling enter our site. And among all these online slot machine machines, you will also find a number of online slot machines that you will love. 

You must sort this online slot machine first. Even though previously we have given you recommendations regarding what types of online slot gambling games that you must try. Each player has his or her own style of play and is not very natural. 

So if you are very fond of playing online slot gambling, then the time is now to get maximum profit while making lots of money.

The Dog House slot game is fun and all. It can even produce you a bit of money or lots of money through jackpots. But trying new games would not hurt at all. You can see our other types of review. Thank you for reading The Dog House slot review and we hope that this article has been informative.