[TOP 10] Best Pragmatic Play RTP for Slots

[TOP 10] Best Pragmatic Play RTP for Slots

Pragmatic Play is a popular online slot developer that releases new types of games almost every week. Wanna be a part of the Pragmatic Play fans? Then you need to take notes from this article today.

We have recorded 10 of the best Pragmatic Play RTP slots that you can enjoy. These slots are proven to provide high RTP or return to player percentage. With a high RTP, you guaranteed to make plenty of profit with a couple of spins.

There are many different games with a similar return to player percentage. For example, you can try 3 reel slots, 5 reel slots, or even 6 reel slots. All of these variations makes it much fun when you want to play online slots. Let us look more into the online slots today to learn more about it.

What is RTP in Online Video Slots?

Best Pragmatic Play with High RTP

Every video slot game is based off of algorithms which are known as random number generator. All random number generator is not so random after all. Because the chances of a player winning has been set before. Say for example you play in a slot of 95% RTP. 

This is considered as very low and there is a huge chance that you would not make your money back. Playing in 95% RTP slots means that you can lose more than you are going to gain. A player may bet an average of $100. The 95% RTP means that you will only get $95 dollars back and lose $5 while doing so. 

Of course slot games are also based off of chances and you might get lucky once or twice. When you do, players has a high chance of hitting jackpots. This is where you can get huge amounts of profits. Understanding RTP is important to get high profits.

High rates of return to player percentage is set at around 97% up to 99%. If you find these games, there is a huge chance to get profits back instead of losing them. 

What to Expect from Pragmatic Play Slots

Pragmatic Play offers only the highest quality slot games that has went through many quality checks. The game that they release have always exceeded the expectation of fans. 

It’s not hard to find a place to play Pragmatic Play slot games. Almost all the biggest online gambling sites in the world provide this game.

Upon playing, the slot games are mostly interactive so that players would not just get bored and leave. First of all, expect that there will always be a high rate or percentage of RTP. 

[TOP 10] Best Pragmatic Play RTP for Slots

This rate is needed in order for players to also potentially make a bit of money. On top of that, there are also fun and cool animations. These animations will be provided with the types of themes that you are playing.

  1. Wild West Gold
Best Pragmatic Play RTP for Slots - Wild West Gold

The first game today that we are going to discuss is Wild West Gold. This is the best Pragmatic Play RTP in our opinion. Wild West Gold is a slot game that is popular all over Asia to Europe.

The game in itself has a gold theme which is very money themed. The RTP of this game is set at 98.5% and it is amongst one of the highest ranked games.

Wild West Gold was first released in the year of 2014 and it was released by Pragmatic Play. The design of this game is unique because you can see cowboys and the wild atmosphere. The symbols to expect in this game are such as cows, horses, lassos, and etc. 

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  1. Great Rhino Slot
Great Rhino Slot - Top 2 Pragmatic Play RTP for Slots.

This next game is just as great as what the name of the slot says it is. Ranked #2 in our Best Pragmatic Play RTP for Slots.

Great Rhino slot is a game that is unlike others by providing 6 reels in total. All of the 6 reels can accumulate a total of up to 4000 different ways for a player to win. RTP 96.53%. With all of that possibility, there is surely a lot of ways for you to  make money. More combinations can also mean that you can get much more excitement. 

The symbols that you can find on this game are such as big African desert and the Rhinoceros themselves. You may also find symbols that can hit up to 500 times your original bet.

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  1. The Dog House
The Dog House - Best Pragmatic Play Slot

An online slot game may not always have to be quick paced. Sometimes it is much better to take thing slow and enjoy a fun themed slot. The Dog House is a casual themed slot that incorporates fun and profit. No. 3 top Pragmatic Play RTP for Slots.

Anyone can enjoy this game without having to have a lot of experience in online slots. The RTP to expect from this game is around 98%.

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  1. Pyramid King
Pyramid King - Best Pragmatic Play RTP

Let us take a trip around ancient Egypt. Pyramids are the icon of ancient Egypt and there will be mystical symbols that you can expect from this game. No. 4 for top pragmatic play RTP slot.

First of all, Pyramid King is of course very interactive and will bring you a brand new atmosphere.

Pyramid King will make you feel as if you are taking a tour of the past. There will be kings, pharaohs, mummies, and of course the pyramid. This landmark will be the lucky number 7 or jackpot. You can surely enjoy this online slot without much troubles.

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  1. Hot Safari
Hot Safari - Pragmatic Play Slot

Not all games are as crowded as the ones we have talked about before. Hot Safari takes you to another scenery which is in Africa. Expect the wild creatures lurking around in your screen. Hot Safari is fun to play and try because the animation are based off of cartoons. 

It is not as crowded as you think and that the game is quite simple. The RTP for this game is casual at around 97.9%. We recommend this game for anyone who wants a casual game of slot.

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  1. Wolf Gold
Wolf Gold - Pragmatic Play Slot

Next up we are going to talk about a game with much more flare. This game is interactive and offers many unique animation. The animation is quick paced and will allow players to get progressive jackpot and plenty bonuses. Wold Gold is the best Pragmatic Play RTP slot No. 5.

Wolf Gold uses a mystical theme with many enchanted symbols. The animation in this game is truly exciting compared to the other types of slot games. In Wolf Gold, there are going to be bonuses that awaits you. 

Some of which are such as the daily bonuses, free spins, and multipliers. The overall RTP in this game is set at around 99.2% which is considered above average. 

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  1. Starz Megaways Slot
Starz Megaways Slot - Best RTP Slot in Pragmatic Play

Take a trip to outer space with this amazing variety of online slot. Starz Megaways is also another non fiction based online slot game. No. 7 top Pragmatic Play RTP Slot. Players are going to be seeings lots of stars and space.

The game uses a bit of cartoon and sketches. Hence there will be a hint of realistic aspect inside of this slot game. There are plenty of ways to make money from this machine. You will be able to access unique spin combinations such as stars and galaxies.

The game is worthy to be tried because of the high return to player rate. You can now get a fun game and high RTP at the same time. 

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  1. Extra Juicy Slots
Extra Juicy Slots - Best Pragmatic Play

Fruit slots is always a suitable genre for all players. Players who usually do not like complicated animations or something too simple may want to try this. Extra Juicy online slots is a game that uses fruits such as grapes, cherries, and etc. 

This game is on our list today because it has an RTP of 99.1%. On top of that, the animation in this game is also smooth. You can play without any lags or glitches at all. Extra Juicy gameplay makes all the players wanting to try this game.

  1. Beowulf
Beowulf - Pragmatic Play Slot

Beowulf is a popular folk story that was then turned into a movie. Top 9 best Pragmatic Play RTP Slot. If you are familiar with the movie then the slot game might actually interest you. Beowulf takes a fiction story and then adds many unique symbols to it.

In game, there are not much symbols to expect. You may be able to see symbols that already exist in other types of slot games. Some of which are such as heart, aces, clubs, and etc. The RTP of this game is set at around 99.2%. Which is already a high number to begin with.

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  1. Chilli Heat
Chilli Heat - Pragmatic Play Slot

Last but not least there is the Chilli Heat online video slot. This slot game is a combination of fast paced and a live action slot. You can spin a couple of reels in motion and use their auto spin. Overall, the experience of playing in Chilli Heat is fantastic.

Players can get a very quick reward just from a couple of spins. We could even categorize this slot game with a high level of volatility. Which means that there is somewhat a high chance you might win big or lose some money.

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Tips to Win Top Pragmatic Play RTP for Slots

best high RTP pragmatic play slots

Playing in best pragmatic play RTP slots is always a hassle for beginners and new players. You may not always be able to produce money instantly. There are objectives such as repetitive losses and then a player going all in.

These tips down below are designed for all players that includes new and even experienced players. Through these tips, you can immediately start winning in the world of online slot games.

Trying Slot Machines and Looking for the Best Slot

Professional players usually have tried tens to hundreds of types of slots. All types of slots do have a high payout or win rate. Among all the slot machines that have been tried, you as a player definitely have a favorite. 

Because some slot machines have a higher win rate and can even reach up to 98% or 99% of the amount. This is indeed a bit difficult if you want to find one by one. But one thing you can do is to play all kinds of slots or try as many slot machines as possible. While trying, make sure you do 10 rounds. 

In those 10 rounds, you can record how many times you won and you can see all the types of slots you have tried. If you do this repeatedly, the results will be much more accurate. After that, all of you can conclude which slot machine is the best and has the highest win rate.

Set a Betting Limit Each Day

No one in the world will have unlimited money to play online slots with. Everyone will always have a limit. Let us say that an average online video slot player has the balance of around $100. If you set your limit to 1% only, this means that you can get around 100 spins in total. 

On top of that there is a chance of winning thousands of dollars by hitting jackpot. You can set a limit as low as 1% or set a limit as high as 4%. This depends on how much money you have and how many spins you are looking for. 

The more spin you can get means that you can play with a longer duration. This has always been a good strategy. As money management is also a huge part of gambling. A player that is unable to manage their money will face many losses.

Withdraw As Soon As You Win

Withdrawing is also important because this will mark the moment when you make a profit. If you are unable to withdraw, then the money might as well be used to play online video slots again. We highly suggest that you withdraw after you have set a certain limit.

This limit for exapmle may just be at $50 or $100. So you can withdraw every single time you have made a profit and reached the limit. This is a great way to lock in all of the profits that you have made. There is lesser chance for you to do over betting or even going all in.

These are all of the tips that we can give to you today. Try these tips and 10 of the best high RTP pragmatic play slots. Who knows what you might achieve through these online slot games.


Wild West Gold98.5%
Great Rhino Slot96.53%
The Dog House98%
Pyramid King96.5%
Hot Safari97.9%
Wolf Gold99.2%
Starz Megaways Slot96.48%
Extra Juicy Slots99.1%
Chilli Heat95.54%

What is Pragmatic Play Slots?

Pragmatic Play is one of the leading online slots developers who has launched at least 200 HTML games with fantastic features. Works for both mobile and desktop devices.

Pragmatic Play has won many awards this year and for sure, they continue to innovate and update various types of online slot games. Most of the best online gambling sites in the world offer Pragmatic Play slot games.

Can I play for free on Pragmatic Play Slots?

Yes.. You can play for free on the official pragmatic play site. They provide a demo version for anyone who wants to try the various slot games available.

Can I play slots on Pragmatic Play for real money?

Yes.. You can play real money slots for various types of games produced by Pragmatic Play. Some of the most popular online gambling sites in the world, provide real money online gambling services. You can choose several sites to play there.